Whenever you hear the following, you should be calling us.

“I wouldn’t want that, why would anyone else?”

We have a database of collectors for anything you can imagine.

“Let’s get a dumpster and start filling it so we can see some progress.”

Over the years we have rescued over tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise that clueless “helpers” tossed into dumpsters.

“This can’t be worth much, I had one when I was a kid.”

You’re older than you think you are.

“We have to sell this to a dealer so we can get what it’s worth.”

Dealers typically pay wholesale and look for a 50% or greater return.

“My neighbor’s sister’s daughter-in-law sells on eBay. Let’s give it to her.”

eBay can’t liquidate an entire estate and tends to side with the buyer in a dispute. We work for the seller.

“I only want one thing. You guys can have the rest.”

Dividing an estate without regard to value is a sure way to divide the family.

“Let’s sell it ourselves and save the commission.”

Public, competitive auctions attract more buyers and offset the commission.