Past Auctions

Apr 12
Quality Antiques, Collectibles, Coins, Toys & More.

220407 Antiques & Collectibles

  •   Apr 7 @ 4:00pm CDT (Start)
  •   Apr 12 @ 7:00pm CDT (End)
    Art pottery, Toys, Coins, General antiques and much more.

    Mar 15
    Classic Antiques, Stoneware, Advertising, Lighting, Furniture and MORE!

    220310 Classic Antiques & Collectibles

    •   Mar 9 @ 7:00pm CST (Start)
    •   Mar 15 @ 7:00pm CDT (End)
      Hand selected items from the private collections and local estates. An excellent assortment of categories and items to choose from.

      Feb 15
      220210 Advertising, Antiques, Coins, Stoneware & More!

      220210 Advertising, Antiques, Coins, Stoneware & More!

      •   Feb 8 @ 7:00pm CST (Start)
      •   Feb 15 @ 7:00pm CST (End)
        The promotional items and more from the former West Bend Brewing, Co. in addition to coins, general antiques, stoneware and more.

        Jan 11
        Art Pottery, Primitives, Folk Art, Toys, Much More!

        220106 Dummer Estate, Village of Kohler

        •   Jan 5 @ 6:00pm CST (Start)
        •   Jan 11 @ 7:00pm CST (End)
          Starting the New Year with a mixed selection of quality antiques and collectibles from an Estate in Kohler Village. Some very nice pieces in this auction.

          Dec 14
          Bauer Estate Clocks, Watches, Coin-Op & Antiques

          211209 Bauer Estate Clocks, Watches, Coin-Op & Antiques

          •   Dec 9 @ 5:00pm CST (Start)
          •   Dec 14 @ 7:00pm CST (End)
            The Estate of William, "Bill" Bauer, Milwaukee. By far, the largest volume of clocks, watches, parts and tools that we've ever sold out of one collection. Bill excelled at disassembling almost everything he got his hands on. Unfortunately, he wasn't quite as enthusiastic about putting things back together. For that reason we are selling larger lots of assorted parts and pieces. Fortunately, Bill had a good eye so there are some choice pieces in here to help finish your project or start a new one. Look for MANY clock & watch parts plus some interesting coin-op and trade stimulators.

            Oct 26
            Quality Antiques, Professional Tools, Guns & More.

            2110021 Antiques, Tools & Guns

            •   Oct 20 @ 7:00pm CDT (Start)
            •   Oct 26 @ 7:00pm CDT (End)
              Over 450 Lots of quality antiques, professional grade hand, power & shop tools and over 25 guns. Most of the tools have seen very little or light use. Please review lots 0A-0D.

              Sep 21
              Multi Estate Antique Auction

              210916 Multi Estate Auction

              •   Sep 16 @ 6:25pm CDT (Start)
              •   Sep 21 @ 7:00pm CDT (End)
                Furniture. Lighting, Coins, Art Pottery, Wi Stoneware & Other Quality Antiques. Full ad and photos will be posted shortly before Sept. 16.

                Aug 24
                Antiques, Advertising, Sports Items, Coins And Booze

                210819 Literski-Enright

                •   Aug 18 @ 7:00pm CDT (Start)
                •   Aug 24 @ 7:00pm CDT (End)
                  A multi-estate auction with something for everyone.

                  Jul 20
                  Tony Hueltner Estate Part III & Bill Enright Estate Part II

                  210715 Online Antiques, Collectibles & Advertising Auction

                  •   Jul 10 @ 6:00pm CDT (Start)
                  •   Jul 20 @ 7:00pm CDT (End)
                    Harley Davidson shop manuals, MANY unbuilt plastic car model kits, Advertising signs & items, Breweriana; General antiques & much MORE!

                    Jun 22
                    Online Guns, Ammo, Reloading & General Sporting Goods

                    210617 Dreher Sporting Auction

                    •   Jun 16 @ 6:00pm CDT (Start)
                    •   Jun 22 @ 7:00pm CDT (End)
                      The lifetime, personal collection of Gerald "Suss" Dreher with additions from the Tony Hueltner Estate & others.

                      May 25
                      Online Coins, Gold, Bullion, Currency & Antiques

                      210520 Coin

                      •   May 20 @ 1:00pm CDT (Start)
                      •   May 25 @ 7:00pm CDT (End)
                        The combined Estates of Margaret "Peg" Ziegler, West Bend, Vernon Walter, La Crescent MN and others. A good selection of collector coins and currency with traditional antiques.

                        Apr 27
                        The Estate of Tony Hueltner, Boltonville, WI

                        210422 Hueltner Motorcycle Auction

                        •   Apr 22 @ 4:00pm CDT (Start)
                        •   Apr 27 @ 7:00pm CDT (End)
                          Tony was well known in the motorcycle community and spent the better part of his life restoring and repairing bikes both for himself and others. We hope you enjoy browsing through the pictures of his vast accumulations and can find something to add to your collection, your toolbox or your project pile.

                          Mar 23
                          The combined Estates of Lucy "Ann" Blanchard, Port Washington and Don Dryfka Kewaskum

                          210318 Dryfka Blanchard

                          •   Mar 18 @ 6:45pm CDT (Start)
                          •   Mar 23 @ 7:00pm CDT (End)
                            Ann Blanchard and her husband Chuck were ""Old Timers" on the WI antique scene. She was well know for her primitives and eye for quality. Don Dryfka retired from WEPCo and jumped in to antiques with both feet. His intention was to someday open a shop but he never quite got around to it. The majority of his collection was assembled in the 1970s and '80s.

                            Feb 23
                            Great Antiques, WI Stoneware, Quality Advertising Items

                            210223 Quality Antiques & Collectibles

                            •   Feb 18 @ 7:00pm CST (Start)
                            •   Feb 23 @ 7:00pm CST (End)
                              Several combined Estates with a great mixture of quality antiques and collectibles. This will be a good mid-winter antique auction that will have something for everyone.

                              Jan 26
                              Beer Advertising, Guns & Ammo, Truck & General Antiques

                              210126 Becker Hueltner Estates

                              •   Jan 20 @ 7:00pm CST (Start)
                              •   Jan 26 @ 7:00pm CST (End)
                                The combined Estates of Karl Becker, West Bend, long time gun collector, reloader and Civil War reenactor plus the estate of Bill Enright, Proprietor of "Enright's Tap", Boltonville and the guns and ammo of Tony Hueltner, Boltonville.

                                Upcoming Auctions