Paul Auction Co. is located at N131 County Rd S, Kewaskum, WI 53040. We are located 1.5 miles north of Kewaskum on the Fond du Lac County side of the Washington/Fond du Lac County border. If you are watching address numbers as you leave Kewaskum, please remember that the numbers will start over again as soon as you cross the county line which is located 200 ft south of the Paul Auction Co. hall.

From Illinois And Points South

Take I-94 or I-43 to Milwaukee and pick up the I-894 bypass which will take you west and north around downtown Milwaukee. When you reach the end of the I-894 bypass follow US I-41/Hwy 45 until they split at the Cabela’s store in Richfield. From this point on you will stay on US 45 until you are in downtown Kewaskum.  When downtown, turn right (east) on WI 28 (Main St) for three blocks until crossing the Milwaukee River. Immediately turn left, (north) on County Rd S (Riverview Dr.)  and proceed 1.5 miles north to Paul Auction Co. You will be on divided, controlled access highway from the state line until you reach Kewaskum. Or, as we say, “Kewaskum, first stop light north of Disney World.”

From The North On US I-41

Travel south on US I-41 to WI 28, then east to Kewaskum, about 12 minutes. Stay east on WI 28 as it jogs through town until you cross the Milwaukee River.   Immediately turn left, (north) on County Rd S (Riverview Dr.)  and proceed 1.5 miles north to Paul Auction Co.

From The North on I-43

Travel south on I-43 to WI 28 in Sheboygan and exit WI 28 west to Kewaskum, about 40 minutes. Three blocks into Kewaskum turn right (north) on County Rd S, (Riverview Dr) and proceed 1.5 miles to Paul Auction hall. Alternatively, you can take WI 28 west of Sheboygan until you reach County Rd S just south of Cascade and follow it all the way to our hall but this seems to confuse most folks that aren’t map savvy.

From the West

WI 28 will take you directly into Kewaskum. After arriving in Kewaskum follow the directions above for US I-41.

WI 33 and WI 60 will both take you to US 45. From US 45 travel north to Kewaskum and then follow directions for Illinois and points south.